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After using this forum for years, I finally became a paid member out of sheer guilt. I have now owned an '04 LE crew, '07 LE crew, '10 LE crew, and yesterday took delivery of my 2017 pearl white Titan Platinum Reserve. First impressions: Holy ****! They made 'em a whole lot better. Most noticeable thus far is the stereo. This thing isn't even broken in yet and I'm amazed at the difference. As a full blown audiophile, I must say, well done. I was expecting it to be better based on my wife's QX80, but I think mine is even better than hers. The motor also needs to break in, but so far I'm seriously impressed. I'm in Clearwater, FL. I am a native. I have been a member over on thehulltruth for years. I am always helpful to my brothers and sisters. I'm an attorney and love what I do. Married 27.7 yrs with two boys, 12 and 17. Anybody need anything down in my neck, just give a holler.

tokinred out.
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