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Hello Frozen Rotors!

I am in need of your Brake Expertise.

I have been running a pair of your (front) FR Slotted "Cryo" Rotors & Hawk LTS Pads on my '05 Titan since i originally bought & installed them myself way back in 2010!

I absolutely love these rotors!!! They are the Best Brakes i have Ever owned!

They still work just as good as they did when i first got them! No fade, no wobble, no warping...

Well it's been 10 years & i am just now ready for a new set of brake pads.

My question to you is what do you suggest i do?

Should i just buy another set of Hawk LTS Pads?

I don't really see the need to replace my rotors if their still in good working order.

Thanks a Bunch for making such a Great Product!!! My mechanic said it is usually unheard of to have a pair of rotors & pads last this long on a daily driven vehicle.

Especially since i have heavy 22" rims & tires!

Any insight would be much appreciated!!!

Chris H.
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