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Fram Boost Intake Dry Flow-For Sale...Dryflow filter never oil your filter again also same intake as AEM Brute Force...Had to buy closed box intake because putting ram air hood on my truck and need box for this kind of hood.. Bought in feb. of 07 used on a couple months. My truck was at dealership getting new engine for over 2 months. So this intake is like brand new..I paid: Qty Name SKU Each Subtotal
1 Fram Intake System FIS1036C FIS1036C $259.99
Customer Service Calls
Surcharge: Help us!
Tax Total
Grand Total
Will sell for $195 shipped....or I also have 3 cleaning kits I bought for ($36) I can sell the intake and 3 cleaning kits for $220 shipped.... Pm me if interested
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