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FREE mudflaps.

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Off an '08. I have the stock mudflaps. Just took them off because they rub. I do have the toolbox on the bedside, I think that matters. I will ship, but you pay for shipping.
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Just a word of caution they will rub your paint off. I took mine off to late, and they are sitting in my shed. I think I will burn them so that they don't mess up someone else's fenders.
Blindside said:
Couldn't some 3m double sided tape on the back prevent that?
It may slow it down, but I doubt it will prevent it. They are just to big, and move around with the vibrations and wind. Next time you see a titan with the mud flaps look real good, and you will see paint missing. I have yet to find one that had miles on it that didn't have either rust or paint missing. This is just me warning my fellow titan owners, because I don't want your truck to get messed up by the stock mud flaps like mine is. I will be looking for some after market ones eventually. Do what yall want, just don't say you weren't warned.
spoonman said:
hmm, mine were attached from the factory with double sided tape and screws and the paint doesnt look scratched even with the front ones being loose and flapping with the wind. The tape residue seems to protect the paint. Did they change mounting methods? Mine is 04 built around dec 03.

Im just wondering if they changed the way the flaps are attached now.
Mine were attatched the same way, I didn't notice it until I went to take them off. Mine is a early 05. During one of the titan meets in Houston I showed a couple of guys the paint missing behind there mud flaps.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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