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Fri. Night "cruise" Meet Tampa/Pinellas FL.

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Hey whats up guys!

I got a call from Jpac the other day & he asked me to start this thread for him.

He will be in town this weekend with his freshly built Wipple Mustang & we're planning on meeting up this Fri. night! He's also invited a few friends & some of the local guys from! Should be some really sweet rides out there!!!!

If any of you that live in the area who are interested in meeting up with us drop me a PM or send me an email!

I've been going out to the local cruise spots a lot more recently & there's ALWAYS a HUGE turn out!!!!! 100-200 cars/tracks on a good night!

Hit me up for more info!

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Ahhh that's no excuse...... :gay: LOL You gotta do what you gotta do.

Wish you could make it Villim!

Just got an update from Jpac!

So far its 13 cars that are definitely coming out! ...not in including 0FiveCC. 14 cars if he gets his rear in gear!!! Then + the guys from & whoever else whats to join us!!!!! :coolsmile:coolsmile:coolsmile

Should have a good turnout! :)
Alright boys! :rockon

Can't wait to check out some sick rides & meet some new peeps tonight! I'm charging up the camera right now!

Villim, i hope your able to make it man! It would be really sweet not to be the only Titan there!
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Awesome, glad to hear Villim!

I want to check out your T you've done so much to it since the last time i saw it!

A little dirt don't hurt...

I feel ya on the headlights! I miss having HID's SO bad driving at night!!!!!

I need to buy a new set of headlights & a new pair of HID's!

Its hard to prioritize mods some times! LOL

I just put $ down on a set of billet FSB mounts & bushings that Stilltime is making!

I can't miss out on those rare limited edition mods, HID's will always be around F/S!!! :eyebrow:
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We just made it back home from the meet! We had a blast out there!!!

0FiveCC it was good to see you out there its been a while!

Vllim12 thanks for making the trip your T looks SICK man!!!

Jpac your the man! Great to get a chance to kick it again bro! Thank you SO much for your hard work organizing this meet & getting everyone motivated!!!!

We were rolling deep out there tonight! Met up with a big group of fast cars!!!!

I lined up with an LT1 Camaro a few times! We did a couple dig runs & 1 really good 20 roll! He pulled on me every time, but the last run was the closest! We were side by side until i hit 3rd & then he was walking away quickly. I need cams BAD!!! I couldn't get traction for crap either... With the T in 1st it was nothing but smoke & black stripes even feathering the throttle. Should have put my DR's on!

I'm tired i'm going to bed!

Videos & pics to come... :eyebrow:
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Thanks for coming out Chris. You guys are tons of fun. Those runs with the LT1 Camaro were pretty good but I think he has a factory freak. That thing has 18x,xxx miles and is completely stock except for a few suspension parts and a short throw shifter. I have seen it beat cars that it shouldnt. I wish you would have raced that older Mustang. You would have deff got that one. Next time throw on the DRs and toast some Muscle. Ill have videos up on you tube later tonight or sometime tomorrow. I only had 4 hours of sleep between me getting home and the darn wedding. Again thanks for coming out.
Gweasel, I thought you were going to take that LT1!
HAHAHA Thanks guys!!! That 'Maro is quick! Jon i wish you could have seen my first attempt at launching from a dig! Like Villim said i couldn't even see his bright a$$ HID's headlights through the smoke there was SO much! LOL I didn't even get into 2nd gear! I was feathering it trying to get a hook, but @ 4K & the tires were blown! I had to just let out i wasn't going nowhere... :)

I really should have put on my DR's!!!!! :bangit: I think it would have been a LOT more interesting if i could have gotten traction or if i had cams. If i could have hooked up he would have been playing catch up from the dig, but hes still got me on the top end! ;)

We''ll have to go to the track 1 day/night! I want a re-match!!!! :hi:

Cool man, I will make make an appearance next year. We should get 1 single date hammerd out (not yet, but later next year) that me, Villim, and Gweasel will all come again. I will see if I can talk Gary748 into riding with me out there lol. I would have had so much more fun if I would have been able to stay longer.
ANYTIME BRO!!!!! I had SO much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1
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100 dollars to drive 300 miles freeway

uprev tune wont "hold"

rear brakes are sticking, which is probably the answer to 1
Villim, man thanks so much for coming out with us & sorry i didn't get a chance to look more into your tune! I kinda felt bad cause you were having trouble with your WOT from a dig! Hopefully one of the Tune Gurus here will be able to get your tune straightened out for you!!! :)
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