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Fri. Night "cruise" Meet Tampa/Pinellas FL.

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Hey whats up guys!

I got a call from Jpac the other day & he asked me to start this thread for him.

He will be in town this weekend with his freshly built Wipple Mustang & we're planning on meeting up this Fri. night! He's also invited a few friends & some of the local guys from! Should be some really sweet rides out there!!!!

If any of you that live in the area who are interested in meeting up with us drop me a PM or send me an email!

I've been going out to the local cruise spots a lot more recently & there's ALWAYS a HUGE turn out!!!!! 100-200 cars/tracks on a good night!

Hit me up for more info!

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BUMP dammit!!!!

Come on out guys. Tons of fun stuff going on!!! We will meet around 11pm Friday night. Plenty of time for you guys working. No excuses!!!
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Not when you work til 10 and live 2 hours away lol
EXCUSES!!!!!!!! Its not like we are going to bed at midnight like Cinderella

What's up I'm in Tampa, pretty new to this site but getting the mods done as I can afford them, Plasti dipping a bunch of crap tomorrow. Anyways I'll shoot you a PM tomorrow.
Sounds good, let either of us know or post up on here
jpac and gweasel shoot me a text guys 239 222 8181, i might be able

BUMPITY BUMP CENTRAL FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:redblob"
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Put down that bottle of Captain, Tampa/ Orlando and in between is central:coolsmile:coolsmile:coolsmile:coolsmile:coolsmile:coolsmile:coolsmile:coolsmile:coolsmile:coolsmile
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Where is this going on? I'm in Tampa for work thru next week. Eventually I'll be living down here. Wouldn't mind hooking up with you guys to check things out....
Im meeting with a big group at 11pm tonight at a Home Depot on the corner of Sheldon/Memorial and Hillsborough Ave. From there we will cruise over and meet with another group but that spot has not been determined yet. Ill pm you my # if you have more questions.
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lol well now you have my number. There will be a few Titan brothers out there with us so you should deff try to come. That htoel should only be about a 20 minute drive because of the traffic lights
HMMMMMMMM Tampa meet:teethmast

O-FiveCC is about to get stomped by a Scion!!!
Ha! Good one. It was good to see you guys again, and good to meet you Villim. I did get stomped tonight, but not by a Scion. Got a real quick run with a modded C6 Z06. I think we went to 60-70? and he had, what, 5 cars on me? Maybe more, Jpac was riding with me. A 350Z actually tried to race us both, but I was able to take care of that light work lol. Too bad I'm on call, or I would have loved to run that "400" hp SRT4 from the same guy who thought my car would be 460whp with bolt-ons lol
Thanks buddy for driving all the way out here. I wish you werent on call. You would have butt raped the SRT4. You would of also had a great run with a Merc E55 AMG that runs [email protected] and a CLS AMG that runs [email protected] They funny thing is that the slower E55 AMG ran the SRT4 and destroyed it. I have the videos since I was in the passenger seat of the SRT4. Ill post them here soon after I edit them. You would have obliterated that Neon. These are all street racers that have never seen a track so they can only go based on what they have beat on the streets. Now the Grabalane guys that we met at the undisclosed location street race and are avid track go-ers.

That Nismo 350Z tried looking cool with his arm on the window sill and got his *** stomped by you. That Z06 was pretty quick but it got whooped by the blue LS3 Vette that has full bolt ons, cam, DRs and a small shot.

We just made it back home from the meet! We had a blast out there!!!

0FiveCC it was good to see you out there its been a while!

Vllim12 thanks for making the trip your T looks SICK man!!!

Jpac your the man! Great to get a chance to kick it again bro! Thank you SO much for your hard work organizing this meet & getting everyone motivated!!!!

We were rolling deep out there tonight! Met up with a big group of fast cars!!!!

I lined up with an LT1 Camaro a few times! We did a couple dig runs & 1 really good 20 roll! He pulled on me every time, but the last run was the closest! We were side by side until i hit 3rd & then he was walking away quickly. I need cams BAD!!! I couldn't get traction for crap either... With the T in 1st it was nothing but smoke & black stripes even feathering the throttle. Should have put my DR's on!

I'm tired i'm going to bed!

Videos & pics to come... :eyebrow:
Thanks for coming out Chris. You guys are tons of fun. Those runs with the LT1 Camaro were pretty good but I think he has a factory freak. That thing has 18x,xxx miles and is completely stock except for a few suspension parts and a short throw shifter. I have seen it beat cars that it shouldnt. I wish you would have raced that older Mustang. You would have deff got that one. Next time throw on the DRs and toast some Muscle. Ill have videos up on you tube later tonight or sometime tomorrow. I only had 4 hours of sleep between me getting home and the darn wedding. Again thanks for coming out.

5 06 am and im finally home

oh and i officially hate this truck just so everyone knows
lol get that ish fixed. Thanks for coming out and it was nice meeting you. Ill be back in the summer and Ill set up something like this again. By than, Ill have my car and we can all have some fun.

Damn, sorry I missed it guys. Sounds like you had fun. And to think I could have run my Fusion rental.....hahahaha. next time I'm definitely hooking up with you guys. Where's the local track around here anyway?
You could have raced my wifes company car lol, 08 Scion xB. There are 2 tracks. 1/8 is Show Time formerly know as Sunshine Speedway in Largo I think. The other is the 1/4 in Bradenton called Bradenton Motorsport Park.

JDOS, I figured you would get a kick out of this. Jpac asked a bigger turbo SRT4 if he would race me. He said sure, of course. Later he asked me what I had done. I said bolt-ons and tune. He said "what do you mean? Muffler's and CAI?" I said Header's, catless mids.." and him and his friend interrupted, and said "Oh header's? And your tuned?" They asked what HP I put to the wheel, as I was thinking, the SRT4 guy said "460?", then his friend said "430?". I was like WTF? They went down to low 400's, then finally 400whp. I said, yeah some manual cars with nearly all the bolt-ons have hit 400, but I'm probably at 370-maybe 380. They said "but it's an LS2!" I said yeah, but it's only like 330 rwhp stock. They were like "yeah but you have headers!". I really wanted to run the SRT4 guy who was saying all this. Says he has about 390-410 whp, but he bought the car like that. Oh well.

I beat a Nismo 350z, and LT1 Camaro, and got skull f*cked by a C6 Z06 lol. I did have fun though!
lol I already explained that group you met. Just street racers that think that an intake adds 50whp but they are cool so I let it fly sometimes.
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The funny thing is the SRT4 held with that 5.0 pretty damn good if you ask me lol
Yup and the 5.0 is stock with axle backs so runs around high 12s and it lost so the SRT4 is a 13 second car. Butt rapage would of occurred if he raced Steve.

I also put 3 lengths on the riced out CTS lol
GOD what a piece of worthless crap!!!

Thank God someone beat that sh*tty azz CTS. We are all driving around normal, and he is flooring it weaving in and out of traffic, with his silver/v6/black racing strips/color changing neons and license plate frame. I wish his car would blow up, he's and embarrassment to be at any meet.

Jpac, that's why I wish I raced the SRT4. I know I would have butt fudged the neon. I did not have to see him run to know so. I talked to the driver, and that's all I needed lol. Those guys were VERY cool, and welcoming to me, and I appreciate that. I just know, there is a big difference between street races and track racers. I'm a track racer, and I know, HP to the wheels, is cool, but is nearly meaningless. (actually your grabalane guys prove this, I saw their video of an intake./catback C5Z killing a head/cam LS2 GTO by A LOT...shouldn't have happened,but it did). Usually track racer's, will have a big advantage over the street guys, because they actually tweak their cars to run faster, where as the street guys tweak for WHP.

Damn man, that C6Z got beat by that bolt on LS3 base Vette?!?! Man, for the prie, I would take the base LS3. I was actually thinking that, the night we were out. The Z06 has a cool badge, and is a serious street car stock. However, in an actual lightweight car, the LS3 is also serious, and responds amazing to mods.***keeping my out for a reasonable LS3 Vette***

Funny about the Nismo, I literally spun 1/2 os first, and spun through the 1-2 shift. Its a smooth spin because of my suspension, so not sure you can feel it, but he still got left. Leave that NA v6 crap at home....:ftard:

I would have loved to race those Merc's. I didn't know there was that many cars who would run right there. I trap 112, which is good for high 11's low 12's, I may have some good close runs with those cars, if I could keep from blowing the launch.

I know a stock C6Z can hit 10's stock with tires (which this C6Z DID have), plus a mods or 2. I would say the bolt-on LS3 with a nop of Nitrous os well into the 10's. Mids or lows.
Jpac, I know my runs were not good, but did you get any of them?
Yes I did, Ill be uploading then either tonight or tomorrow

I hear the LS3 ran 9s
The Vette has ran 10.6 on motor and a bit quicker on spray. Probably 9s would be the estimate.
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Cool man, I will make make an appearance next year. We should get 1 single date hammerd out (not yet, but later next year) that me, Villim, and Gweasel will all come again. I will see if I can talk Gary748 into riding with me out there lol. I would have had so much more fun if I would have been able to stay longer. And thanks for the kind words about me killing the rode with him, was he a good bit weaker?
I totally agree. Ill keep in touch while Im over seas. We had a blast man, I wish you could have stayed. You should have quit your job last night. I would have loved to see you go toe to toe with the 2 AMGs. It would have been awesome. The SRT4 is a whole lot weaker. Im telling you, the mid 12sec AMG walked him hard. You will see the vids. Its a 13 sec car.
Im posting the vids on a war stories thread. Ill post the link when Im done.
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Just watched the vids, thanks for posting. It looks like every car was pretty quick with the exception of that dodge. it didn't even sound like it was moving. Has that thing run at a track? I know it's just in the videos, but I wouldn't think that car would even break into the 13's. That is unless the mercedes are just tuned that much. Like I said before, oh how I would love a 2007 E550 4matic. Family cruiser that will beat most without one mod. Thanks again Jpac. Make sure you guys let me know when you hit the bradenton track. Hopefully I'll have my slow a$$ truck down here by then.
The dodge moves but it is in serious need of a tune and supposedly has a blown head gasket. No it has never been to the track. The Merc has run 12.5 so I believe the SRT-4 would run somewhere in the 13s based off of those run. I have personally driven a SRT-4 with a stock turbo and just bolt ons and got it to run [email protected] Ill post the vid. So this one from the other night should be running faster since it has a much bigger turbo but it deff isnt running right. Oh well, thats why I would never take my car out without a good tune.

Here is me driving my friends SRT-4. I ran a 13.3 and he ran a 13.5 lol
Yeah you and that camaro need to do this again but with you in track trim. I don't think he has broken into the 13s at Bradenton so you should be able to make things interesting. You should have raced the GT. That could have been a good race also.
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