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front bench and curtain air bags in crew cab

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Does anyone have or know if you can order an `08 Crew Cab with a front bench and curtain air bags in both rows? I have an `06 and would really like to upgrade to the `08 because of the increased payload and GVWR. I know I can order this configuration in a Silverado but I'd really like to stick with the Titan.

And, if you have a front bench, is there a "real" seat belt for the middle seat or is it just a lap belt? With small kids I've become a bit of a safety nut!


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The middle front bench has just a lap belt. Most people really don't use that seat, so there doesn't seem to an concern for adding a real seatbelt to that position.

I think that captains chairs are required to get side curtain airbags on the Titan.
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