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Front bumper ends

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I just purchased the front chrome bumper for my truck. Not really paying attention I just realized that the stock painted one is not divided in three like I thought. Can you cut the stock painted bumper for the ends or is it just easier to purchase the ends?
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It'd probally be easier just to purchase the ends, also the painted bumper mounts differantly then the chrome bumper.
You are going to have a mess of trouble!!

Did you order all the brackets for the chrome bumper??

They are attached differently!
Well that was nice of them to mention that when I ordered the bumper:boxing:
Luckily I went to a local body parts store and they had the ends.(just gotta get them painted) As far as the mounting hardware for the chrome bumper they had a set but they couldnt tell me if it was for the plastic or chrome bumper Anybody with pics or part number? By the way Thanx bbomar &` BigA for your help so far.
There is a thread on here, that shows details w/pics, on how to change them out, or it might be on CT. Can't remember!! LOL
Thanx I found it, it was on CT
Here's the bumper brackets
also attach is a diagram of the front bumper.


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Is this correct? According to the diagram part 14 & 15 (L+R front bumper brackets) is all I need? That what the dealership told me?
Geez I need to get 15 post quick so I can post Url's!
Do you install the bumper ends before you mount the whole bumper?
I'd like to trade someone for the full body color bumper. I have an '05 LE that is red and chrome. I'm wanting to rid my truck of chrome.
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