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front bumper

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i have and 06 xe cc and someone backed into my truck damaging my front bumper. does anybody know how i would go about on taking of my bumper so i could replace it. thanks
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it it the metal part of the bumper or the plastic sides. if its the sides is it just scratched or is it cracked? when i bought my titan there was damage to the plastic side that the dealer had me come back and filled it with a little bondo and painted it. now the clear coat they put on is coming off in one spot. turns out the clear they did put on actually made the paint look dull, the spot where the clear is coming off looks shiny.
it crack right in the middle and dented the hell out of it. my bumper is the xe model. it doesn't have the crome center.
o, that sucks, i have never even looked how to take it off but, all ya need to do is take a look at it, you could find out how to take it off. cant be that hard, i know some people on here have taken them off before that lifted their truck and installed custom baja bumpers if you want to contact them.
i just did a search for baja bumper and kartman is the only one i saw that had is front bumper taken off, so if ya want you can either PM him or if he sees this he can reply. i know there are others that have done this but he is the only one i found in my search, mostly going off the pic of his truck in his signature.
hope this helps
i have titan parts for sale sc bumpers wheels fenders fact shocks with leveling kit
Does your chrome bumper fit an 04 CC? I have a dent in my front bumper and want to get a replacement.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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