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Front Bumper ??

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Dont get on here much, wasnt sure if this should go here or not. Ive dented in the plastic front bumper on the bottom left. If I can get it off, I think it will pop out. Removed bottom 2 screws, seen there were 2 on top of it under the headlight. Remove the screw holding the headlight and seen the plastic tab to undo the headlight. Got the tab undone sort of, but still felt like something holding the headlight. Any suggestions on how to get the bumper off? Thanks
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I think there are 5 bolts/headlight. You'll have to access two of them from down in the inner fender well area.
Also, there is a W. PA meet this Saturday October 20th at the Nissan dealer in Beaver Falls, expecting around 20+ Titans visit club for more info
thats funny i just got sone replacing the front bumper cover as we speak... its not fun. not hard just time consuming and dealing with all the little plastic clips that hold the whole thing on.
first remove the grill. then remove the 5 plastic screws on top of the bumper. remove the 2 on each fender well on both sides. then the 2 on the bottom of the truck connecting the skid plate. and last there are 2 more on the backside of the cover in the middle you have to get to from under the truck. you DONT need to remove the lights or the cover under them... if you have any other questions just ask..
Hah! I just crushed that plastic piece by my fog light and it fell off. I ran into the post attached to the car port at my condos. It's going to cost $400 to replaced and paint.. For that stupid plastic piece! That long skinny plastic peice underneith the headlight and above the bumper is $30 and then $8 to install and then $28 to paint how freakin retarded!
Thanks for the help guys. Hopefully I can get this done this weekend maybe.
Oh, I see how it is, I completely fabricated a bumper from a Majestic blue one piece, had to make my own brackets,and mount the cut pieces on to look like factory. Where was this information when I was scratching my head on why my bumper wasn't lining up to my original brackets....I never want to see my bumper again,LOL. When in doubt, Cut it!


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