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Front diff. failure at 20,000 miles

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I took my truck in this morning to have the amplifier replaced. The roads were iced up, so I put it in 4-wheel drive. It engaged fine but it sounded like I had an extra muffler up front and ther was quite a bit of vibration that would come and go depending on how much gas I gave it. More gas=more noise and vibration. The mechanic looked into it and said there was a huge amount of backlash in the front diff. I've read about alot of rear diff. failures but not so much about the front. I've only engaged 4 wheel drive maybe 6 times, driven maybe 200 miles with it engaged. Any other Titans out there with this problem? What year is your truck and how many miles before the failure?
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Sorry to hear that Charged, the good news is that it's under warranty. I used the search engine and there are several threads discussing Front Diff failures. Here are a few to start with.
I haven't heard of that many ...

I know not to Don't pull someone out of the ditch backwards with the way our gears are.

I always take my foot off the gas before hitting 4*4 mode.
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