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Front drivers wheel "clicking"

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Hey everyone. I need some help: yesterday after leaving a shop to get my rear hangars fixed, the front drivers wheel started making this loud clicking sound at any speed above 10mph. Additionally you can also feel a vibration coming from underneath the floor around that area. I thought something was stuck there so when I slowed down, the truck also juddered. But it slowed down well enough. I got home and took a look underneath and didn't see anything. Figured I'd wait till the morning to lift her up.

This morning I took a drive Arpund the block in hopes that incident was an aberration, but it's still there. Also, the ABS light came on (2WD) but no slip
Additionally, my wife heard it from our 2nd floor bedroom. She said "did you drive your truck? Cause it's making a loud sound.

Being that it's Sunday, I have to wait till the morning to take it in, but what are the possibilities? I'm thinking rotors vs wheel bearing?