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bestatchess said:
How many watts are the lights?

Excellent question. I've learned the hard way (blown fuses, melted wires), on my off-road vehicles running both spots and fogs that the only way to go is to use solenoids for each set of lights, run the "hot" side of each directly to your battery (with appropriate separate fuses for the amp load for your lights) and to run the "switch" side of the solenoids to a separate switch under the dash or a new switch placed in place of the unused switch covers you have.

It is usually not a good idea to team these lights up with either your high or low beam circuits. Better to run them on separate switches. This also lets you use them with the engine off, or all electrics off.

BTW, my CJ-5 currently has no auxillaries (I kept breaking them, even with wire covers). Instead I'm running non-DOT European code offroad crystal lens 7 inch round lights in the factory headlight locations. They are 90 watts each on low beam and 130 watts each on high beam. They are wired as above. I can have both highs and lows on at the same time, or selectively. I had to upgrade the alternator to handle the battery drain owith low/high on at the same time. But they would not fit our trucks anyway.

Just a thought.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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