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front shocks and battery

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what kind of front shocks is everyone putting on there trucks and where buying the shocks at 2005 nissan titan le 4wd. were is everyone buying the omptima battery
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Front shocks are a toss up. You can get either the SAWs or DRs from PRG that will provide you with the ability to level your truck as well as improve the ride quality. You can also go for Bilsteins, either alone or already installed in coilovers. If you just buy the shocks, you will need a spring compressor to install them into your existing coilovers. Some have also gone for the upper level of Ranchos, but anything less than that is not worth it in most opinions.

The battery? Go to your local Autozone or marine parts supply dealer. Shipping those is not cheap.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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