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Front shocks - opinions please

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Long story short. I have a 06 Titan with a 6" fabtech lift. My shocks are shot all the way around. I have had 2 tire shops and wyoming 4x4 here in riverton trying to find me shocks for over 2 weeks. the lift used a spacer in the front keeping my oem shock in the front while the rear shocks were changed out with the kit. So each of these stores are telling me they can find me shocks for the rear but aren't finding anything for the front. So I call nissan of rocksprings and the parts guy has the same rancho shocks for the front instock and he can have some procomp es3000 for the rear in a couple days. That is today. Now I get reading around on here and guys are talking about bilstein in the front are the way to go and the rancho ones are junk. So I've got a quick decision to make.... any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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