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Front Tires Choppy and Rearend Noise w/video. Any ideas?

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So my dad took his 07 in because of road noise that we have been hearing in the front end. Its strong enough to vibrate the floorboard. They checked it out and said that the front tires were choppy on the inside.

We looked at it and they were right so I said there must be an alignment problem from the factory. The service guy says oh "No", the tires just need rotated and that Nissan Titans are bad about chewing up the insides of the tires. I said well I have 12K on mine and no problems with any front end noise or uneven tire wear that I have seen. He didn't have anything to say about that he just told my dad that he needed to have the tires rotated and the service manager chimed in as well.

Also, he has a rear end noise that sounds like metal on metal when he turns slowly like through a parking lot. I am thinking its a rear end problem as you can see in the video I took with my phone below, the sound is slower than the wheels are turning. What do you guys think?
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Wheel bearing or brake problem= Dealer problem.
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