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Frozen Windows

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Do any of you have problems with your windows freezing? As soon as the temperature drops below 32 degrees my windows won’t open. I have a Honda and the wife drives a Subaru and the windows don’t freeze one either one unless we get a lot of freezing rain. If the windows freeze on the other cars I just tap on the glass with my fist near the window seals. The windows free up and work perfectly. This doesn’t work with my Titan. It annoying when I’m at the drive-thru window at my bank or at a fast food restaurant and I can’t put my window down.

Does anyone else have this problem?
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It's been in the teens for a couple months now and haven't had the windows freeze yet. I do keep my baby in the garage though...
Yeah.. Mine do it too. It is annoying as I rarely "test" them until I get to the speaker..... Don't really think about it. Then you're the idiot holding up the line cuz you can't figure out how to lower the window... or so everyone else thinks.....

I just banged on the glass near the top of the door. 2 or 3 tries on the switch and they broke free. It IS a PITA, though... I have to agree.
Freezing in the up position doesn't bother me as much as in the down position. I was up in Malone, NY last year on a snowmobile trip, We all stopped at a rest area for trailer inspections and I put my driver's window down for about 15 seconds. When I went to roll it back up, nothing! I ended up having to put on my riding gear including helmet and gloves as it was -20 deg F. that morning. Just a little to chilly to drive with the window down for another hour to the camp.

After I slammed the door in disgust, I tried it again for spite and it went up.

Now unless I absolutely have to, I don not drop the windows below 0 deg. F.
My first post here, but, my windows froze shut in the up position last night. No freezing rain, just cold temps (25-30 degrees). Had to bang on both sides pretty hard to get them to go down.

I also seem to get a lot of wind noise at the top rear of my front windows.
It happens to me if there is rain or freezing snow a day or two before. Water seems to get trapped inside the door or molding. After the truck warms up a bit inside, I just open the door and slam it back shut. Sometimes it takes two tries. I even do it while moving.
It only happens the night after I get the truck washed. I learned to dry the window edges and the dew remover after I get home from the car wash. It seems to work for me.
I had a real problem with this when I had my 150. I would battle it every single winter night. It has only happened rarely in my Titan. I just slide a credit card along the bottom edge of the window and I am usually set. So now I have a GOOD use for a credit card.
You guys should try some bees wax or a light coat of petrol jelly on the rubber seals in the windows. Sounds like there's some moisture staying in the seals.
I have this problem a lot, but then again I'm getting a lot of snow...
At night the snow builds up on the bottom window trim, 1st it melts then it freezes. In the morning the ice has frozen the window shut. What concerns me is the strain I put onto the window when I hit the switch, not realizing the sucker is frozen shut. I can try some grease on the seal, I'll try anything at this point because I don't want to prematurly kill the window relay, or motor or whatever...
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