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FS:04-06 Nissan Titan/Armada Black Halo Projector Headlights

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SOLD!:04-06 Nissan Titan/Armada Black Halo Projector Headlights

First the background:

I installed some HID lows in my wifey's Armada this summer and she loves them.

Later while looking at this board I saw an Armada pic with these nice looking projector headlights.

So before I knew it I was on Ebay buying a set. They arrive, they look great. BUT the HID bulbs don't fit the projector lights. DOH!

Needless to say my wife choose the OEM housing with the HID lights over the new projector lights I just bought.

So due to me not checking that little detail someone here is going to get a great deal on these headlights I can't use.

They are brand new, I only opened one light to inspect it the other is still taped shut.

I paid $266.99 shipped, I am asking $175 shipped OBO SOLD

Follow this link to see'm
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just buy the h1 hid bulb and use the hid kit you already have. just a thought if you really want the projectors.
Can you please sent me pics? I am interested.

Pm sent I want them bad boys! Are thy black or chrome. I only wan t the black ones.
Got the lights and one of the tabs is broke that holds the bright's in place. It wont work and the light is not secure. I need to return theses for a replacement or a refund. I cant drive with them the way they are. Let me know how you want to handle this. Thanks
FYI: These lights got factory replaced and are up for sell by the buyer now. He did something different. Search for it, they look great! Tempting!

Too tempting, PM sent. :)
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