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FS: '07 Factory Exhaust

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I have an '07 Factory exhaust for sale. It's been used less than 200 miles. The new '07 exhaust is far better then the pre '07 exhaust since it's dual in single out pipes. According to Shailey from Club Titan, the '07 exhaust had the best results on the Dyno. You can see the long a** thread here.


"For 2007 Titan Owners: You have the best set up from what I found with my previous 2005 model. That is a true dual in to a single out muffler. It produced the most torque of any of my systems. You can do a muffler swap with Magnaflow part number 12580 (satin stainless) or 14580 (polished stainless). This is a dual inlet/single out muffler that is wide open straight through design. I will be putting this muffler on my 07 titan in the near future after doing a baseline STOCK dyno. I need to get some miles on her first. One thing that may need to be noted. In installing this muffler, it is best to cut the drivers side pipe about 2 feet before the muffler and again at the muffler. Now take this pipe and rotate it 180*. THis is because the muffler has a center to center inlet width that is 3" less than the stock muffler."

So, if you don't want to or have the funds to spend $500 - $800 on a catback, this is the most economical way to gain some power for pre-'07 Titans.
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