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Fs: 2.5" Prg Spacer 2wd $160 Shipped

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hey guys i installed the cst spindle, 2.5 spacer, 2.5 deaver 2" tapered block and shocks on thurs sept. 25 and i didnt like the look of my truck being about 1" lower in the front so i am picking up some dr. coilovers off another member and want to sell these spacers with bumpstops for $160.00 shipped. i picked these up on monday from greg in person, i literally drove the truck home and i will be driving it back to work on tues to uninstall the spacer and put on the coilover. i am located in so cal and these will be ready to ship by thurs. next week. this will fit 04-07.
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they were pretty simple to install but i dont know how long it would take if you just did the spacer itself because i did it along with the spindle, there is a pretty good write up on it somewhere on here.
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