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FS: 2004 OEM Crew Cab Step Rail

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FS: 2004 OEM Crew Cab Step Rail + Mud Flaps + 4 LE wheels with tires

I have just installed the 4" CST spindle lift and I am looking to get rid of my step rails. I live in Orange County, CA 92782 and am only interested in selling these locally as I do not want to have to ship these. I'm asking 215.00 for these. I will also have the mudflaps for sale as well as the stock 18" LE wheels with tires. The tires are OEM and have 33,000 miles on them. I'm not going to put a price up for the wheels and mudflaps, just make a decent offer and they are yours.
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Anyone want to make an offer on any of these items??
I am still trying to clean my garage out and get rid of all of this stuff......any offers?
man id love to get those rails from ya but im just too far away :(
Sorry Titan972.........local pick-up only. I'd like to avoid the hassle of having to ship these.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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