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FS: 2005 18" SE Silver Rims w/ TPMs (Exc. Cond.)

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FS: 2005 18" SE Silver Rims w/ TPMs (Exc. Cond., Atlanta, GA)

As the title says, I have a set of four silver rims off of a 2005 SE Titan. They have about 25k on them, but never taken off road - typical scuffs/scratches from road/highway use. Included with them are the tire pressure monitors. Will have pictures later today.

Asking $175 total + shipping from Atlanta, GA. I will separate the TPMs if there is a confirmed buyer for just the rims.

Just the rims:

I prefer UPS shipping, so anyone can go to their Quick time & cost section on their website and set the shipping city/zip as Atlanta/30305. Each rim will be in a 21"x21"x10" box and 35lbs in weight. (These are both estimates)
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Pics ?Tires on rims ? How much to ship to 23320 ?
Where are you at in ATL? I am interested and I live ALL the way up in Acworth. :)



NVM, I see you are in Butthead or there abouts.

Email me: [email protected]
You've got email. JimmyK, if he just wants the rims, you've got dibs on the TPMs.
I'm going to have to pass on this deal. Sorry!

Bumping this up for the weekend. Price has been lowered.

I'm very interested, and will send you a private message.
Im waiting for your reply to my private message
Bumping this up to see if there is any interest. I'll consider separate offers for the TPMs.
404-213-1965 call me if theres any problems.
Rims & TPMs are sold. Josh was on-time (unlike myself) and deal went smoothly. Thanks everyone for looking.
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