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FS: 4pc Stainless Steel Grille

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I have a new 4 pc Stainless Steel grill I am looking to get rid of. All offers are considered. I bought it from California Performance parts at the beginning of summer, but changed my mind on putting it on my truck. I will attach a pic of the grille as well as what it looks like on the truck from the site I purchased it from. Thanks.


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just wondering how this grilled is installed, is it the kind that just bolts on or doest it require the factory grille to be cut in some way? if it's just a bolt on i'm definetly interested!
Yeah just a bolt on. I have all the hardware and instructions, and there are also instructions on the site. Alot of people have this grille or something similar to it. Pretty popular.
$55 plus shipping
pm sent.....
Sorry if I haven't mentioned this but it has been sold. Thanks for all the interest. I am new to selling anything so I need some help Lol I apologize
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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