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FS Brand new pair of 5100s (front) - still in the box, $140 + ship, or $130 pick up

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FS Brand new pair of 5100s (front) - still in the box, $155 shipped, or $130 pickup

A while ago I upgraded to Fox's and finally got around to taking in my old Bilsteins in for a warranty replacement. I just picked up the new pair of ride height adjustables today.

Original asking price $140 + shipping.
New asking price: $155 shipped (US continental 48) or $130 with local pickup in Tucson, AZ.

Updated price shipped.

NOTE: To reduce shipping costs I took all of the items from the Bilstein boxes and put them into a smaller box. That includes: the shocks (with boots), spring base plate, top nut, top washer, snap ring, stickers, and installation instructions. In the process I did note that all of the parts were there. I know based on my previous installation experience. If you really want the boxes I can fold them up and jam them in there too, but IMHO it's not worth the effort.

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You didn't read page 2, did you?
You didn't read page 2, did you?
No. I got all excited. Lost my concentration.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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