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FS: bushwacker fender flares (04-06)

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I bought these probably around Christmas time and never put them on my Titan. They are the black (UNPAINTED) extend-a-fender style for the '04 (w/bed side lockbox, w/o V8 ENDURANCE badge) through '06 models.

The only thing I don't have is the black weather stripping you'll need when you install them. They've been lying around in the garage inside the box; and, they've been moved so many times that I misplaced the weather stripping. I'm sure you can get it from BW though, no problem.

I'm pretty sure I paid about $350 for these at the time.

I'm asking $300 shipped.

feel free to PM or email [email protected]
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OK, like, I SERIOUSLY need to get rid of these. I'm willing to negotiate a fair price. PLEASE HELP ME GET RID OF THESE!
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