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FS: Centerline Tomahawk Champ XLs

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For Sale 4 Centerline Tomahawk Champ XLs

- Forged Aluminum
- 17x8
- 5" backspace
- +12mm offset
- 6x5.5 bolt pattern

I purchased the wheels new from Summit about a year ago. Have had both 33s and 35s mounted on them w/o any problems. Getting rid of them because they just aren't a year round wheel if the roads are salted. I did a quick 10 min polish on each wheel w/ the Mother's Powerball (didn't polish the inside of the wheel) you can still see a bit of corrosion but they're looking pretty good. I'm fairly sure if someone is willing to take the time to polish thouroughly them they'll look good as new. No curbings or major scratches. No bends or cracks. I will include a set of conical lug nuts w/ the wheels.

The pics...

Wheel 1

Wheel 2

Wheel 3

Wheel 4

I'm looking for $575 shipped can accept Paypal or a MO.
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Couple pics on the truck.

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TTT for anyone else browsing TT and watching Robot Chicken.
New price, $525 shipped!
Best offer yO!
Somebody buy em please, just taking up space here :p
$475 Shipped!!!!
Buy! Buy! Buy!
contact me on trades? if you are interested.
Make me an offer, I just want em outta the garage :p
Chris93Si said:
Make me an offer, I still just want em outta the garage :p
Someone, anyone :p
Someone, anyone?
Is that just surface rust, or is it something that WON'T buff right out?
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