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FS: Donahoe DRE Coilovers

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I am selling my DRE Donahoe racing coilovers. I bought them from Greg PRG about a year ago. The are still set at the factory 2" lift. I am getting ready to trade the Titan in so all the mods are being sold. They are off the truck and ready to ship.

$700 - shipping included.

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u wouldn't happen to have cst spindles would u?
I will take some pictures tonight and PM to all that have requested them.

I do not have the CST spindles. Sorry.
Here are the pic's that I promised. These have been through a year in Ohio weather so the aluminum housing is a little oxidized and the bolts have some rust. There are no leaks and otherwise worked great. If you have question let me know. Thanks.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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