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FS; DR/Icon coilovers 2.5"

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Looking to sell these coilovers from my stock 05 4x4. I would guess they have around 50k on them and need a rebuild and new coils installed ( I have 2 new coils to go with purchase) 1 coil spring is broken due to harsh New England climate. I do have pics just need to upload.....buyer to pay for shipping from 01501. Asking $550 or b/o.
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Just sold my DR coilovers for $525 that were in near new shape. had ~10k on a rebuild and were the extended travel version.

Just wanted to throw it out there and maybe help with your sale.

Good Luck!

Dwoelper, DR and ICON do not make coilovers for bracket lifts so these would be the stock replacement coilovers.
I never ran an aftermarket uca on my truck. I advise against keeping the stock uppr arm as mine was in constant contact with the coil bucket.

I would have loved to sell them for more but noone would bite so I had to let them go. They are still sitting in the back seat of my truck and I can refund the guys money if someone wants to give me more for them.
my truck was 5" higher than stock with the coilovers on it.... hat flipped and preload taken off from where they set them for a "leveled" look.
Damn... $125 a piece... now I feel like a fool for letting mine go so cheap!

$400 for this set is still a good deal if you're in socal and can take them into ICON to have them rebuilt. Save yourself on shipping costs
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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