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FS: FL Panhandle 17" Off Road rims

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4 - 17" Off Road rims for sale in the Florida Panhandle (Panama City) area. No TPMS or tires. Asking $400 for the wheels. Also have a PRG 2" front leveling kit spacer for $60.
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Is the 2" prg includes everything? Spacer and bumpstop. Let me know, I will buy this if I dont hear back from the other guy today or tommorow. Can you do $60 shipped? Thanks, pm me.
PRG spacer is sold. Still have the wheels though.
Still have the wheels.
Yeti77 said:
Still have the wheels.
I'm from pc, have I seen you or have you seen me? I have the 05 cc charcoal with tundra 20's enkei's.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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