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FS/FT: Smoke Insulated Canopy CC

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this is a hard shell canopy from a 2004 Nissan Titan CC in the smoke color (charcoal grey) it has tinted windows front sides and back, it is full insulated and carpeted on the inside with dark grey carpet, its in excellent condition and has a rear brake light up top, it has a Vern's sticker on the side (I am not sure of the manufacture of this canopy, as i just purchased the truck, maybe when i take it off it might tell me) I have no idea what this thing is worth but i jsut know its to hard to back in and out with it on, i need a tonneau cover for the truck, i would do a trade or sell it for a reasonable price, i am located in vancouver, bc could meet someone in north west washington as well.

thank you
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does anyone know how much this could be worth?
$500 my guess, put some picture up if you want to get rid of it.
gonna take some pics today and post them..
where are you located?

You also mention trade....what might you be looking for?
i am located in vancouver, bc.. or i can meet all the way down till about seattle, wa.. i would consider a trade for a tonneau cover (bakflip style) or some really good a/t tires for the stock 18's... or maybe something else, i just got the truck, looking for some minor mods or goody's...
Well, I would snatch that up if I were closer. Just can't see it working as I live in the midwest.

Great looking topper, though, and fair price. I'd buy you a new bakflip for the topper if I were able to pick it up.

You will most likely get it worked out as it is a great deal.

yeah that seems a little far for a drive :) and shipping would be unreal (it is very heavy) anyways thanks for the interest...
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