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FS: JL 250/1, JL 500/1, RF OEM 6x9 Speakers

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First up, the JL 250/1 monoblock, single channel amp. Only blemish on the whole thing is a few light scuffs around the JL logo. Just pulled it out of the truck, fully functional and kicks HARD for only 250 watts. It pushed my two 12" JL's with ease. It's the black one. 170 shipped.

Next, the JL 500/1 monoblock single channel amp. There aren't any imperfections on this amp, was plugged in in an enclosed area and pulled out about a year ago. Hooked it up to my subs, works just as it should. It's the silver one. 210 shipped.

Lastly, factory 6x9 front door speakers off my rockford fosgate equipped truck. No imperfections, not blown, just wanted some other speakers. 15 shipped.



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