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FS: Nfab steps, 4 1/2 lift components (Bilsteins 5100,lift block,spacer etc)

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So I'm changing my T up and selling some stuff off her. I'm selling a set of wheel to wheel length NFab steps in gloss black. In excellent shape no rust at all, no major scratches. They are for a crew cab short bed Titan. I'm also selling everything you will need to lift your T 4-4 1/2", minus the upper control arms which you might or might not need. Everyones Titan seems to be different,specifically where the coil buckets are welded to the frame. I'm willing to ship the suspension components but not the steps due to their size. The suspension components won't be ready to ship for about another 3 weeks or so. The steps are ready now for pick up. I'm paypal verified and works for me.

NFab steps in gloss black wheel to wheel for CC short bed --SOLD..!!!!!!
Picked up, NO SHIPPING.

Aluminum 3" Procomp lift blocks no shackles (upper right side in pic) , $40 shipped.

Bilstein 5100 racing series struts front and rear (fronts adjustable).These are the nice pretty aluminum color ones. Will come with complete 2007 4x4 coils and top mounts assembled ready to bolt in.
RC 2.5 front lift spacer
1.5" cast rear lift blocks
Would like to sell together as a package if possible Only about 4k miles on the suspension components. I have a daily work Titan, these parts are coming off my weekend Titan. SOLD.... !!!!


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post some better pics of the nerf bars please
fyi those same bars come shipped for $300.00 new, not to bust ur balls but you should know
I haven't seen them for that price man, at least not for the Titans shipped. Not even the Smitty Builts or Go Rhino. I'm a fair guy, if they go for less now then I'll adjust the price accordingly. I did how ever post OBO for pricing. Will post pics tomorrow.
Pictures? would love to see the nerf bars
Interested in the coils/strust and blocks and such. Can I see pictures? Thats a good price and I could lift my truck for pretty cheap going that route. But would I be sitting level or would I be raked?
Is the picture in your signature with the advertised suspension setup?
so you won't get rid of the UCA's on the Rough Country? if so I would be all over this
Yes thats the lift I'm running in my sig, I have a possible local buyer for the steps if we can work out a deal. Heres a couple pretty recent pics showing the steps and what the T looks like with the lift. I'm running 325/60/18. Also at this point I'm not getting rid of my RC UCAs yet, when I get my PRG arms I will though.
(33.5") tires.


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I would take those Step bars if I was closer.....:crying: all the good stuff is to big to ship up here!

On a sidenote.....any problems with those tail lights? I got my eye on them and they look great on your truck

Good Luck with the sale!
fyi those same bars come shipped for $300.00 new, not to bust ur balls but you should know
I've been looking for those bars for mine and the cheapest price I can find is $345 or so..... Can you post where you found them, so I can get ahold of some in my area :redblob" ,.... Texas is too far for me..
Step bars and lift still available.....
As far as the lights, I haven't had any problems with the tail lights. I actually put a few coats of VHT night shades on them. They look awsome now.
$250 and it's done that $95 less than brand new
why you getting rid of them?
Just changing the look of the truck, nothing wrong with them at all. They look brand new.
PM'd ya.....
Is the lift still up for grabs, and thats everything you need to lift the truck right? Do you have pictures of the components? I like the 4 1/2" cause i'm not looking to just jack it up i just need a lil more ground clearance and plus it looks nice. and what size tires can you get under there with the 4 1/2 lift?
Would love to buy the shocks, both front and rear. Lets deal I need them badly mine are shot. Let me know soon cause Im going to have to buy something to get my truck back on the road. Thanks
don't you be sellin' them thar mud guards... :rofl:
You can easily run a 35" tire if you run a wheel that is close to stock back spacing which is a 5.71 I believe. Kit will have every thing needed. You might need different control arms depending how high you set them and the position of your coil bucket. Every Titan seems to be different. I would still like to keep everything together as of now. The only thing I wouldn't mind selling seperate or keeping is the front spacer. I just figure it would make things easier for someone, so they wouldn't have to track down each piece.
Step bars sold to Caneman88...!
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