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FS: NIB Volant Exhaust - $400

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FS: NIB Volant Exhaust - $400 Fayetteville, NC Area

I have a brand new, still in the box Volant Exhaust setup. I never got around to putting it on before I sold my Titan.

However, my loss is your gain.

I want 425.00 for it, shipped to your door.

Let me know if you are interested. Like I said in the top of this post, this system is brand new and has never been installed on a titan at all.

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I little more info would be nice.

Is it a cat back system, or muffler/tailpipe?

Any pics?
Here is a link to the volant site about the exhaust. This setup is complete and still in the box. I only opened the box to ensure that I received all the pieces upon delivery. I will try and get some pics later this afternoon.
No pics as of yet, but it is still in the box and ready to ship.
How much to ship to 18964?
Titan Pete said:
How much to ship to 18964?
I PMed you a quote.
TnTitan1 said:
How much to ship to 37027?
35 shipped to you!
I have had this system installed on my truck for about a year and love it. It has a nice sound to it, not too loud, just right. The build quality is top notch, the welds are perfect, and fitment is great. There is no drone in cabin at all on the highway, but when you get on it, it comes alive. Very nice system.
Thanks for the plug. I really wished I could have installed this while I had my titan. Anyways, come on now....someone has to want one of these. Like I said in the original post, its a brand new system and still in its original box!

Let me know.
Re: FS: NIB Volant Exhaust - $400 Fayetteville, NC Area

Bump for an update for shipping...
Re: FS: NIB Volant Exhaust - $400 Fayetteville, NC Area

Does it include the "y" pipe? Plus, I saw one sell a couple of months ago for 350 shipped...would you be willing to negotiate any on the price? PM me please.
It does inlcude the Y-pipe. I may be willing to negotiate on the price. However, this set is a new setup and at the price i listed i am already losing money. But, I am always open to offers.
Bump for a little more exposure!
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