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FS: Nissan OEM Fog Lights (Spray Tinted Yellow)

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Sold! Thanks!
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do these come with the mounting hardware also or is tis just the light by themselves
EDIT: Yes, comes with mounting hardware.

I bought the OEM fog light kit from

And I used this tint spray, it's good stuff.

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Now includes a wiring harness (for those that don't have their trucks prewired), fog light switch, and mounting hardware!

Also both of the people that yelled dibs have backed out.
does it come with the turn signal switch for non auto headlights or no? if it does ill buy them from you

It doesn't, like I said, I'm keeping/using the turn signal stalk switch.

It comes with a push button switch you can mount in place of one of the plastic blanks.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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