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FS: Nor Cal; Titan HID headlight housings w/ BMW X5 Bixenon

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SOLD - thank you

$100 or best offer. Mainly to cover shipping cost. PM me or email [email protected] with any questions.

For sale is a pair of Titan headlights, housings and all, which have been retrofitted from a BMW X5, w/ projectors & angle-eye/halo. See pictures below. Also search for user "rcantu"s profile for a picture of the lights installed in his Smoke Titan.

Note that they don't work now! Thus, I'm selling for cheap. I bought them from former Titan owner "rcantu" 3 years ago for $500, and they worked great in all that time. Most likely the HID projectors need to be replaced, but it is possible that it's just a wiring issue. They're Bixenon, so both low beams and high beams are "factory" HID.

The cool thing about these is that they're basically "plug & play" in any Titan. The person I bought it from (rcantu) painted the housings a gunmetal/gray color to match his Smoke Titan. I used them in my Red Alert pro4x for all the time I had them and they looked great.

If I had the know-how I would definitely get them fixed and continue using them, because the light output is so much better than the stock bulbs.

PM me with any questions. I basically just want shipping cost covered with a little extra.

Thanks, Dylan

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