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Bought my 05 LE last year and found the previous owner gutted the overhead display...but left the OEM DVD player and headsets. DVD player will come with associated mounting brackets and attached wiring.

2 Headsets: $100 + S/H
DVD player: $50 OBO + S/H


DVD Player OFF
DVD Player ON
Headsets OFF
Headsets ON


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do you think it would fit in a 2010 pro4x, meaning the wiring? I have the rocksford fosgate system with the back console and controls and crap
I would think so; i have the same set up--OEM RF system and the rear console controls. Its still in the the truck. when i installed my Sirius radio, dont recall seeing an A/V cable in the overhead, so i dont know if they cut it or pulled it back down to the center console.
I have spare A/V cables around the house if thats the deal.

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im interested, im just curious if you can take pics as you take it out. im not concerned about the upper console having the wires but the lower and the connectors. if you can take some pics when you take it out. if everything looks like it'll work ill paypal ya
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