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FS: OEM sliding toolbox - MINT CONDITION! DC/MD/VA

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Hey guys, been a while since I've been on this site. Not able to access it from work, etc. anyways....

Well, I am selling my Nissan Titan OEM Utili-track Bed Sliding ToolBox.

This unit is made for the Utili-track system of the Titan Pickup. lock & key included with this unit. has 6 inch clearance underneath. The toolbox will slide throughout the rails so you can use it at the tailgate so you don't have to climb up in the bed of the truck. 200 lbs. load capacity. Black powder-coated diamond-plate lid finish. includes all of the mounting hardware. fits all Nissan Titan models from '04 and up. It will not fit in models that do not have utili-track.

reason for selling ???----- I just bought a BRAND NEW 2008 Titan green/tan interior that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, however, it does not have the utili-track rails.:upsidedow

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hi, sorry, I dont come here much. no time, plus work has titantalk blocked (bad avatars) please email me.....

ok, where are you located? I am in the washington DC area, I can ship, but it will cost you extra....
not sure how much shipping would be (alot, maybe) but I am really looking for this box, I live in cali...interested in shipping it?
shipping alone will run $650. i can ship it next day air for $950...

.....ahhhh, just playin', sorry... it was sold last week :)
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