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billygoat said:
FS: I purchased this kit direct from PRG a couple months ago and changed my mind about lifting the rear. This is a new PRG Rear Block kit 1" lift for 2WD and you can use your stock shocks.

First $75 gets the kit. PM.

See kit here:

The billet aluminum rear block kit will raise the rear of the truck. The 1" kit is fine with the factory shocks. An upgraded shock may be required with the 1.5" kit. Installs easily with simple hand tools. These blocks are machined flat, unlike cast blocks, and are extra long to ensure correct alignment and keep axle-wrap to a minimum. This kit includes heavy-duty u-bolts that are cut to length so you don't have to mess with it! be sure to indicate whether the kit is for a 2 or 4 wheel drive so we can cut the bolts the correct length.
So, you're gonna cut the bolts for us? :lol: I had no idea what you were talking about until I read the write-up on Greg's page! :smileysqu

Did you lift the front and decided to keep it level?
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