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FS RC10GT w/tons of upgrades

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For sale a very clean and very fast RC10GT nitro stadium truck. I have well over $1000 invested in this thing. It will include everything you need to run it except fuel. The following parts have been upgraded from plastic to alluminun.........
Front shock tower
Rear shock tower
Front threaded shocks
Rear threaded shocks
Front suspention arms
Rear suspention arms
Front C hubs
Front axle carriers
Rear axle carriers
Front axles
Rear axles
Front bumper
Rear bumper
Other upgrades include a Traxxas 2.5r engine with electric start ( this engine has about double the output of the stock one ) Two sets of wheels and tires, battery for the electric start and quick peak charger for it. Numerous clutch bells and spur gears. All of the stock parts are included even the stock motor. There is almost enough parts to build a whole nother truck. This truck is stupid fast and was clocked at 62mph. Im asking $350 shipped obo. If you want pics of all the extra parts let me know. There is nothing wrong or broken with this truck. All you will need to do is get some fuel for it and its ready to tear up the track.
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06titancrewse said:
First $275 steals this..................
I'll trade ya as described in Pm, maybe you could sell what i got quicker??? I dunno, i'm just not into the whole selling thing....

Just throwing out there and if not it's a free bump for a great deal on your set -up!!!
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