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FS: Stock 18" Wheels off of a 2008 SE

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Like the title says. I'm selling my stock 2008 6 spoke wheels. I will post pics tomorrow morning. Right now the pic I have is in my sig pic. Tires are not for sale. Just the wheels. They will be off when I mount my rockstars. I don't know what to really ask for since I see these go for different prices. So I'll start them at $300obo plus shipping. I'd prefer local pick up will even meet up to 100 miles. PM me if interested. Thanks guys.

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Bump lowered price. Maybe $250obo. I promise I'll upload better pics soon. Till then it's in my sig pic. Also $250 does not include shipping. Would prefer local pick up or meet. Located in Gainesville, Ga or Atlanta area.

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