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FS: Street scene grille

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Got this from another member on here. Does not include necessary hard ware to install. Decided I like Chrome too Good condition but sags. Painted all black. some chips in the paint can be seen in the pic. I called street scene to see how much the mounting hardware would cost and was told the hardware is about $7.00+ shipping. I think if you tell them you purchased from "X" website that carries the item then you might be able to get the hardware for free.. not 100% sure about that though.

Any way I'm selling the Grille for 55 bucks obo since you would need to purchase some sort of mounting hardware. LOCAL ONLY. Too much trouble to pack and ship.

Pic is from Original sale from other member.


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you ever come to houston ?
No, sorry man. Have not been there in about 5 yrs.
ewll if you have it in a couple of month i'll be in SA
ewll if you have it in a couple of month i'll be in SA
Okay If I don't sell it local your first up.
sweet. thanks.
619- so ? i might need to change my mind. and always goot to have a spare.
import2nr: can you get me a shipping quote to 77063? i'm in houston.
LMAO its all good brutha...just givin you a hard time. I know how it goes.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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