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FS: Sub Enclosure - High Quality

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FS: Sub Enclosure -Tech12Volt - High Quality

Purchased it from Tech12Volt :cheers: earlier this year but never installed it. As a matter of fact, its still in the original shipping box I received it in. Bought it for my Crew Cab with the carpet material of the enclosure matching the interior... I believe its Dark Grey. Enclosure is for 10s and is upfiring W/ Titan logo. Looking for local buyer... $175 but willing to ship (within the states) at my cost. Thanks. Send PM or email [email protected]

UPDATE: Price lowered to $155 and can deliver today. Thanks
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714Titan said:
Maybe I'm still stuck on the football game but what is that supposed to mean?!?!

Just referring to all the hell jf1335 went through when he was trying to sell his truck and he did not post any pics.Nothing to do with your sale
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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