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FS: Sub Enclosure - High Quality

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FS: Sub Enclosure -Tech12Volt - High Quality

Purchased it from Tech12Volt :cheers: earlier this year but never installed it. As a matter of fact, its still in the original shipping box I received it in. Bought it for my Crew Cab with the carpet material of the enclosure matching the interior... I believe its Dark Grey. Enclosure is for 10s and is upfiring W/ Titan logo. Looking for local buyer... $175 but willing to ship (within the states) at my cost. Thanks. Send PM or email [email protected]

UPDATE: Price lowered to $155 and can deliver today. Thanks
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jf1335 said:
lets see a pic, and wee will talk
The enclosure is still in the original box it was shipped in as I never opened it. It was shipped to me and put in the garage. I'll open it later tonight to get a pic. In the meantime, I'm including the link to Tech12Volt site.... he's an awesome person to deal with. Keep in mind that I have the Titan logo.
BUMP.... with lower price as I need to get rid of the box. Thanks.
jf1335 said:
so whats the new price>?
Price dropped to $155
Ha!, What comes around goes around
Maybe I'm still stuck on the football game but what is that supposed to mean?!?!
Bump to the top.... its a custom Tech12volt box
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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