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FS Superchips Cortex 4950 ($220 shipped) 2004-2010 Nissan / Infiniti trucks / SUVs

Also on Ebay for sale:

Superchips Cortex 4950 Performance Programmer 4 Nissan | eBay

For sale is an used Superchips Cortex 4950 Performance Tuner Programmer, I used it in my 08 Titan that I just traded-in . See below for product description.

I need this gone, it must sell.

Best of all: offered with FREE SHIPPING

The Cortex programmer is ideal for the enthusiast looking for more exciting on-road, off-road, and towing from their performance bred Nissan Titan. Users gain up to 25 RWHP and up to 27 ft/Lbs torque at 4100 RPM.

The following link is full of user reviews:

Superchips 4950 Cortex Programmer - Car/Truck/SUV Parts
Superchips Cortex Programmer 4950 Features:

* Up to Three Best-In-Class Tuning Levels
* Elegant; Sleek; Innovative Design
* Diagnostic Library Retrieves
* Built In MSDP-Link
* Easy To Install
* Internet Updateable
* Log Performance Times And Speeds

Superchips First Import Application The Cortex® release for the Nissan Titan, Armada, Infiniti QX56, Frontier and Pathfinder is ideal for the enthusiast looking for more exciting on-road, off-road, and towing Performance. Coverage as follows 2004 – 2010 Titan, Armada and QX56 with 5.6L. 2005-2010 Frontier and Pathfinder with 4.0L

The following are the links to the Cortex 4950 vehicle application covering Nissan Titan/Armada/Frontier/Xterra/Pathfinder and Infinity QX56 ranging from 2004 to 2010, please verify the exact application for you vehicle:

Superchips 4950 - Superchips Cortex Programmers - Application -

Superchips - Products

The following is the link to the Cortex 4950 user manual in pdf format:

The following are the links to the manufacturer's product page:

Cortex Performance Tuner

Superchips - Products

Superchips Inc., was founded in England in 1983 and was one of the first companies specializing in the “tuning” of computer-controlled vehicles for more power. Vehicles programmed by Superchips have gone on to win in a variety of racing series throughout the World. Since beginning their U.S. operations in 1992, they've continued to excel in racing, along with providing more power for street driven vehicles. Their current performance tuning comes from years of experience in tuning computer-controlled cars, trucks and SUVs, unleashing the power potential hidden under your hood and delivering more power for tow and go!
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