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FS: Tech12vol dual 10s amp rack box with subs and amp in FL...

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Well I am doing some upgrades for the upcoming OT IV meet and since I had to get a new amp to run my comps I am going to have to get rid of this box, since I am getting a new box I am going to go ahead and get some new subs as well so I will sell this as a total package. It is a pair of Elemental Designs SQ10 subs and an Elemental Designs Nine.2 amp. I have the original boxes for the subs and amp though would prefer to sell as a whole set and preferably locally in FL. This is a great set to get someone a nice starter system that is small and easy to install. I prefer to get $350 for the set as I easily paid over $500 for all of the parts. I will post new pics tomorrow for now here is my old install pics.


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This will be a pretty good deal for someone who wants to just hook up the amp and go.
Thanks for the bump, this is a great drop in/starter system for someone. If anyone is interested, make an offer I will consider them.
Someone needs to buy this so that Nick's wife wont kill him when his new system arrives! haha
Haha thanks for the support, I am going to need it or I am going to be sleeping my titan for a while!

Someone buy this!

Thanks for checking it out.
SWEET!! I'm sure someone got a good deal!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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