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FS: Turn Signal/Fog Light Stalks, 2 of them for sale

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I bought a Fog Light kit for my 08 titan and now have the original OEM turn signal stalk for the 08 without AUTO headlights, and without fog lights switch. This was on my truck for 1000 miles, it is the stalk that is tapered at the end (the 08 version) $15 + shipping

Also, I received with the fog light kit, the 04-07 turn signal stalk with Fog Light switch and without AUTO headlights. This is brand new, OEM, and never used. $20 + shipping

PM or email me if you have questions.
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Pm on the way!
the 04-07 with Fog Light switch has been sold.

Still for sale:

2008 Turn Signal Switch WITHOUT Foglight switch and WITHOUT AUTO headlights. was on my truck for 1000 miles. How about $15 shipped.
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