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Fs: Used Dr Coilover $500.00 So-cal

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I Just Bought These Off Another Member (Titan-Offroad) BOB, And Received Them Today I Totally Had A Brain Fart And I Need The Radflos With 4" Of Lift To Level Out My Truck Because The Rear Sits A Little High, I Totally messed up And Thought The Dr.'s Gave 4" Of Lift, I Could Still Get The Lift I Want But I Would Have To Get The UCA And Spacer I Dont Have The Money Right Now For That I Am Selling These For What I Paid For Them, Price Does Not Include Shipping.


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where are you located? Do you know how many miles they have on them?
i am not sure how many miles are on them but i bought them for $500.00 because even if they needed to be rebuilt it would still be alot cheaper then buying new ones. i live in palmdale but work in valencia near magic mountain.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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