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FS: Volant Exhaust (Cheap As Poop)!!!!!

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Hey guys i got a 2 month old volant system with both volant y-pipe and the oem y-pipe the only catch is that i cut off the tip b/c it looked dinky but i still have it just needs to be welded back on if you wanted to but i liked the hidden look. Price - obo / Shipping - if your local i will deliever free, if not i need your zip and i can find out the price.
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sure would like to see what ya got there.i'm in the market for an exhaust but what kind of damage is done performance wise from cutting the pipe?
is cheap as poop like free??or can i make an offer of 100.00 shipped?
replied on other thread from CT.
umm....shipping would be like 65 bucks soo sorry on the 100.00 shipped thats alittle to low
you did say cheap as poop and poop is free. Unless it's a fat one and then you can factor in pain and suffering
Well i sent you a pm and no response yet so what price is POOP??
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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