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I have been reading the threads about people have trouble filling up, and last week it started happing to me as well. Good news is I have been able to fix it without paying the Dealer hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Let me say as well, that I was an auto tech for many years.

Ok I will cut to the Chase. The problem for me was the Evap Canister Vent control valve. The Valve was frozen shut, thus pressurizing the fuel tank during filling and because the filler tube is so small in diameter, it doesn’t allow the gas fumes to escape. When the truck is off, the valve should be open, to the allow the excess gas fumes to escape thus preventing the buildup of gases, like when your filling up.

For you Do-your-self'ers! Its pretty easy. The valve is on the Evap canister located next to tank and if you skeptical that it may not be your problem? You can pop it off of the Evap canister and the go and try to fill up.

One last thing, Additionally you might have a check engine light on with a P1446 code.
Ok, hope this helps someone.
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