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fuel mod/ new chip?

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haha heres a good laugh, increases up to 45-55 hp, 45 ft-tq, increases towing, mpg by 8-11 and much much more!
any inputs?
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Somebody should try one.......

Do we even have a chip that can be replaced?
:dunno: beats me
its a resistor not a chip and yeah we have a few of those that can be destroyed.......errr...... I mean replaced.
haha that was a good one
What a load of crap. Running at Stoich for best performance? Best for emissions they mean. I guess they never heard of "rich best torque" when it comes to performance tuning. That usually means AFR's in the upper 12's for naturally aspirated vehicles.
Im getting 3 of them!! :jester:
I have one>>>>>When I got my baby before I was a member of this vast knowledge base that is titan talk I bought one of these chips. I even still have it installed.....I have yet to dyno my truck but accordingto my belltronics vfx2 it does make a slight difference:eh: I have taken it off left the ecu to reset for 12 hours and tested and repeated the same only reinstalling it....Maybe its just my overactive imagination but I can feel a slight difference in power.......Who nows maybe Im crazy but for 5 bucks im not gonna knock it.....As far as gas mileage I dont know I have a lead foot.
I have known people that say if you piss in your gastank you get mpg but what sounds to good to be true most of the time is to good to be true. IMO I would rather piss in my gastank than spend 5 bucks on that pos. :jester:
i piss in the gas tank every time I feel up:jester:
thats almost the same as the performance stickers on the window. if it was able to do all of the things that they claim then it would cost just a tad bit more!
As I said I put it on before I knew this website even exsited otherwise it wouldnt be there but it has caused no harm thats why its still there(2 yrs now). Next week im gonna spend the 150.00 to get my truck on the dyno. 75 for base test and 75 for the extra hr. I will remove and replace just for ****s and giggles I post reads next week.
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